MountainMan / CityBoy

A place for mind vomit, art, and stories of the road. If you like my photos great but If I had to pick, I'd rather my work just be part of a process of adventure, to inspire others to adventure, rather than enjoying my digital "art objects". Go to cool places. Do rad things. Get out of your comfort zone. This isn't a dialog. This is a call to leave the classroom, gallery, or computer; grab a bicycle, a boat, or a pair of shoes and go.

And here are the last of the National Trails Day photographs I will be putting up. On to new things, about time anyway :). These are from back on June 1st… All in all a pretty good day. Did some meet and greet with REI, and the state park, along with some locals and people from Alaska Trails. We dug some new ditches, fixed some old ones, cleared a few culverts, repaired some turnpike and filled it in some areas where the gravel was wearing thin. Another great day out in the woods.